when Business Intelligence
meets Process efficiency.

Data quality drives
Business Intelligence.

At Dekanox we don’t consider your operational systems as mere data sources. We think they are the pillars of your company, the memory of your business. We consider them as the most important success factor of our BI project: the quality of the figures presented to the management will be as good as the quality of the data in your systems. We work hard to avoid the “Shit In, Shit Out” syndrome.

Business Intelligence drives
Process efficiency.

At Dekanox, Business Intelligence is not limited to sexy visualizations. We see it as the driver of an efficient business process, crossing all the departments of your company, helping people use the same vocabulary.

BI for medical laboratories.

At Dekanox, we are provider of data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for medical laboratories, having partnerships with laboratories using the LX Laboratory Information System (LIS).

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BI for the oversized.

At Dekanox, we like to be challenged. Not only technically challenged, but also challenged in the ways BI and advanced analytics could be used in a complex industry. Challenged to help the managers enhance the production process. The main reason we are deeply involved in the optimization of processes in the industry of the oversized? Because we love it !